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How Tech can help during a Blackout

Here are some ways Tech can save the day if you experience a Blackout

Portable power bank - It's a great idea to have one in the house anyway fully charged, so you can make sure your mobile phone and other devices retain power if your mains power fails

This one from Power X (pictured below) also has a flash light so ticks another box if you're left with no electricity


Battery operated lights

Head lamp

Portable speakers for music/ audiobooks entertainment

JBL Bluetooth speaker

Ampere Shower Power Pro Hydropower Bluetooth LED Shower Speaker - Chrome

The Shower Power Pro is the world’s first app-enabled hydropowered Bluetooth shower speaker, providing you with endless music whilst the shower is on. This 100% waterproof speaker has a playtime of up to 16 hours thanks to its 2,200mAh battery so the music can continue - even after a shower.


The glowing LED light brings your music to life. Three modes are pre-set on the speaker, but you can choose even more via the Ampere app.

Powered by Water


The hydropower system uses the flow of water from your showerhead to power the speaker so you'll never be without power when you're in the shower.

  • Water Powered Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity 360°LED Light Show Ampere App Monitor Usage


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