Nikki is a Presenter and Tech Communicator with over ten years of TV and Event Hosting experience which has taken her around the globe and seen her work with some of the world’s most exciting Technology brands.

With a particular Interest in Artificial Intelligence as well as Consumer Technology, she has been lucky enough to host at Events such as Mobile World Congress, IFA, Hub: Berlin and The Ideal Home Show Live as well as Trade and launch events for brands such as Apple, Nvidia, Motorola, DJI and Samsung.

Nikki’s skill lies in communicating complicated Technology in a fun but informed way.

She currently hosts and Co-Produces an Online series on Artificial Intelligence (Inside AI) and an Online gaming show (Next Level) as well as being a contributor to the BBC on Tech related issues.

She studied Broadcast Journalism at University and has recently completed a course in Deep Learning.

Her love of Technology, down to earth nature and quick wit earned her a legion of fans as the Retail and ‘Gadget Girl’ on the popular Sunday morning BBC 2 show Something for the Weekend where she stayed for 2 years.

It wasn’t long before the offers flooded in from Technology brands to help them launch products, host events and front their branded content which marked a huge change in direction for her Presenting career.

Although a life long gadget geek, Nikki’s career actually began in Entertainment where she racked up 6 years as Strictly Come Dancing’s Digital Presenter covering all the backstage stories and Online Content, plus 2 years as the Breakfast Show Anchor on a Live daily 3 hour magazine programme for The Guardian Media Group.


Nikki is a popular choice for Technology and Entertainment formats, Branded Content and Product Launches as well as Awards hosting and moderating.