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Apps that can save you money ..

  1. Collect free/ heavily discounted food

  2. Compare fuel prices - like Petrol Prices

  3. Cashback apps

  4. Price comparison apps

  5. Sell unwanted items

  6. Access free pet care / Free breaks

See more below:

1. Start the day by looking for free food or giveaway what you wont use locally

Globally, more than ⅓ of food is wasted - and that’s bad news for our planet. Food waste is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gases, and we use a landmass the size of China to produce food we end up throwing away. It makes no sense....

Olio is a great app that connects you with local people who have food that will go to waste - simply sign up, search in your area and arrange to collect.

You get free food, they don't have to throw it away :)

You can list any food that you won't use and even sign up to be a volunteer - an Olio Food waste hero who picks up food from businesses to save it going to waste - you then list it and redistribute

They also have non food items listed for things going for free in your area


Too Good to go - Too Good To Go is a service with an app that connects customers to restaurants and stores that have surplus unsold food.

Choose the radius you're willing to travel and then see listings from local cafes, supermarkets and restaurants- choose your 'magic bag' as it's referred to, and the simply collect at the agreed time.

It will cost you a few pound but you'll get a higher value of food - and it's a surprise.

The website also has lots of great money saving ideas and recipes

2. Comapre the prices of fuel

Petrol Prices - in my local area the difference within 3 mile radius was 13p a litre of diesel - quite a significant saving especially if you cover a lot of miles or travel for work as it uses your location so you can plan journeys and fuel stops

135.70 - 149.9

What Gas - Similar to above

3. Cashback apps

One really easy way to start saving money is to make sure that any necessary purchases you need to make that you buy via a Cashback website.

Things such as clothes, home interiors, gadgets and electronics, hotels and holidays, TV and Internet packages and even breakdown cover can all earn you money back.

You simply open the app - or if you don't have a device their desktop site, type the retailler in the search bar or search the category areas or featured offers for the recent cashback offers. Money back on the things you're already going to buy.

Today's top offers below

Quidco -

4. Price comparison Websites

If your insurance is due for renewal for your car, home, pet or you're after life insurance don't just assume that your regular provider will be cheaper - you can save 100s of pounds doing a quick seach via their apps or destop sites

  • Compare the Market -

  • Money Supermarket -

  • Go Comapre -

5. Sell unwanted items

A good clear out of things we no longer use is not only good for the soul but it can actually make you a few quid - one man's tat is another man's treasure as they say! And if you're after new furniture, an outfit , kids toys they are great for nabbing a bargain.

recent bargains I've had include a Laura Ashley Sofa - was £1000 and I got for £100

Side unit was £350 - I paid £30

And earned £360 selling a table, bike and some trainers.

  • Vinted - Clothes

  • Facebook Marketplace - household etc

  • Depop - clothes

  • Music magpie - Books, CDs, DVDs

6. Become a house sitter or have someone house sit your pet


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